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City Slicker - Inner City x On the Run


Champion Spot Boar 2018 World Pork Expo

A must use sire that is super big legged, square built and athletic. It was no choice on which boar to use at World Pork Expo! We are super excited to utilize City Slicker in our herd. We think he will match well with some bigger longer sows and make those winning showpigs!

Stress Negative
Raised by Brian Down


FSF Stand Away - Stand Tall x 3 Way


Mother is a littermate to the Champion Duroc Gilt Div 2 at NJSS. Stacked genetically and phenotypically. He is tall fronted, long necked, square built and takes a great long stride off of both ends! He ties well out of his hip and has great balance. We are jacked up to get pigs out of this guy!

Stress Negative

BULLSEYE - Hold the Bull X Swagtastic


Has Visionary, Best Man, Swagger, Hillbilly Bone, and Super Monster all directly in his pedigree.
Tall fronted, long necked, short bodied and big backed.
Hold the bull is a littermate to the Grand Champion Gilt at Tulsa and Swagtastic is a littermate to the Grand Champion Gilt at the Indiana State Fair.

Stress Negative

FSF Uproar - Loud Mouth x Reason Why


Full brother to the Champion Spot Barrow SW Team Purebred Regional show for Reid Dorman. Uproar runs up hill and his consistent siring ability is unmatched! He sires hogs with great neck extension that are tall fronted. They have great running gears and are easy on the eyes from the side profile! He will be a mainstay here at FSF! Has sired Champion Spot barrows at Cass, Fulton, Jasper, and White counties as well as the Champion Spot barrow at the Southwest district down in Oklahoma!


FSF JUSTIFY - French Fry x FSF Charger


A total outcross to Loud Mouth genetics! Three littermates sold for over $1,000 this past spring. Justify has great shape, width and extension. He comes from a great sow that has been very productive for us here at FSF! Use with confidence!

Stress Carrier


Reference Sires

Smack Talk

Loud Mouth x Double Feature

FSF Real Debate

No Debate 18-8 x Point Maker 72-7


The 1 and Only x Image Maker


Light Em Up x Flash Drive x Integrity

Wide Open

Time Traveler x Game On

WGW Chip

Doc Holliday x WGW Spud x WGW Badger

FSF Charger

Live Action x Off the Charts x Dark Knight


Swagger x Hillbilly Bone x Triple Bar 7

FSF Dynamite

MM Bren x Full Shift x American Pie

3 Way

He's the One x Off Label 15-3


Tango x Demolition Man

FSF Skyline

Skybox x Swagtastic x Super Monster

FSF C'mon Man

Best Man x Swagtastic x Point Maker