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Congrats to Adi Thompson on getting the Reserve Champion Yorkshire gilt Overall breeds at the 2016 OYE sired by Control Monster X Real Deal

Congrats to Zoey Zipser on getting Reserve Champion Landrace barrow at the 2016 NJSA Western Regional in Calif.

Congrats to Chelsey Amman on getting Reserve Champion Spot gilt at 2015 Arizona National

Congrats to Geter Family on getting 7th place spot barrow at 2016 San Antonio Livestock Show sire by All In

Congrats to the MCritter family on getting Grand Champion Spot Gilt at the 2016 Team Purebred Mid South. Sired by Hidden Treasure

Congrats to Denise Collins on getting Grand Champion Spot Gilt at the 2016 Dixie National sired by Hidden Treasure

Reserve Champion Spot Boar
2015 Fall Classic

Thanks to the Schwartz Livestock from Texas for your purchase.
Sired by Hidden Treasure (Against The grain x Get In ) All in mom

Reserve Champion AOB
2015 Porterville Spring Show
Congrats to Linsey Beck

Champion Spot Gilt
Caddo County Fair in Oklahoma
Congrats to Mays Family
Sired by Hidden Treasure (Against the Grain x Happy Feet)

Grand Champion Spot Gilt
Obion County Fair in Union, TN
Congrats to Shelby Autry
Sired by G-Man x All In
Reserve Grand Overall - Spot Barrow
2015 Will County open show in Illinois
Congrats to Ryan Brassc
Sired by All In
Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2015 Salt Lake City Utah
Congrats to Sydhey Naylor
Sired by : Real Deal x Mobb Boss
Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt
2015 NJSA
Congratulations to Kannon Jones and family!
She was a Bad Cat X Next Generation Raised by Knauth Showpigs. Kyle purchased the mother of this gilt
from us as a pig great buy congrats Kyle!
Champion Landrace Barrow
Third Overall Barrow
2015 NJSA Summer Conference
Congrats to Lane Rinderer and family!
He was a Shark Tank X PSS Thor.
Congrats also go out to Scott Toynes and Miles Toynes for
helping get this guy ready also to Upper Hand Genetics
Res Champion AOB
2015 San Jaquin Ag Fest, CA
Congrats to Emily Matos! Sired by ALL IN
Thanks to Next Level Genetics for
purchasing this ALL IN son at the 2015 SWC.
For semen call Chris Fischbacher 806-336-2162
5th Overall Spot Gilt
2014 WPX

Congrats to Chelsey Amman on showing
this gilt sired by All In
Champion Landrace Barrow
2014 Southeast Regional WTC in GA

Congrats to Lane Rinderer
Sired by Next Generation (Dynamite x Dynamite )
This mother is number one in the herd she raised
2013 Hog college gilt
2013 Southeast Regional Champion barrow
2014 Southeastern Regional Champion Barrow

Congrats to Megan Wandell on showing
Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt
2014 San Antonio

This is one of the greatest accomplishments this firm has put together this mother also raised a gilt Day Farms
Purchased from us last year had a class winning boar at 2014 SWC Conference

Congrats to the Batson family on showing the gilt purchased from us sired by Next Generation. Winnings included:
Champion Gilt at 2013 Wisconsin State Fair
Res Champion at 2013 Illinois State Fair Jr Show
2013 NBS Hog College Gilt

Congrats to Maddie Fughate on showing the
Champion Barrow
2013 Illinois State Fair Jr Show!

Congrats to the MacCray family on showing the
Reserve Champion Barrow at the
2013 Illinois State Fair Junior Show

Sired by Next Generation

Reserve Champion Overall
Sired by Ram It son
Raised on the farm

Champion AOB
2013 Santa Barbara County Fair

Exhibited by Marissa Santoyo
Sired by Fast Lane


Class winner
2013 Alamede County Fair

Sired by Box Car

2nd place at 2013 SWTC
This gilt is a littermate to Oklahoma Serect placed 2nd in Class.
Would like to thank Derek Moore for this outstanding purchase.


Champion AOB
2013 Sacramento County Fair
Sired by Fast Lane

Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt
Fort Worth Stock Show
Champion WOPB
Bell County Livestock Show, Texas

There were over 600 head shown. Great job, Angele!



2012 San Antonio Livestock Show
2nd Place - Stood behind the Res. Champion Barrow

Sired by Ram It

Overall Champion Barrow
Johnson County Indiana Fair

275 head were shown.
Purchased this pig at Cutting Edge Customer
Appreciation Sale. Congragulations!!

4th Overall Yorkshire Gilt
2012 Extravaganza

Sired by Louis this is a VBFO Milk Shake 21-8

11th Overall Yorkshire Gilt
2012 Extravaganza

Sired by Mobb Boss
Champion Landrace Gilt
2012 SWC in Belton, TX

Grand Champion Landrace Barrow
2011 Ohio State Fair Junior Show

Congratulations to Roger Zeedyk!
Purchased from us.

3rd Place Boar
2011 CPS Summer Type Conference
Thanks to  Breeder's Choice for
purchasing him for $1,100.
Sired by Ultra Blend

Champion Landrace Gilt
2011 Weanling Extravaganza

(CR7 Dyminate 451-1 X JMG8 Zeus 40-8)
Shown by Behrmann Hog Farm
Sold to Mark & Kaila Williams, Fla., for $375

3rd Overall in Yorkshire Gilt Sift
2011 Weanling Extravaganza

Shown by Behrmann Hog Farm Sold for $800
Structure was the $5000 Boar that Center Prairie Gentics
purchased at the 2009 IND State Fair

First Place Spot Boar
2010 CPS Summer Conference

Sired by Ultra Blend our champion boar we purchased at the 2009 WPX. Thanks to Real Mcoy Genetics.

Third Place Gilt
2010 CPS Summer Conference


Second Place Spot Gilt
2010 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Ultra Blend

Jr. Champion Gilt
2010 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Walk The Line.
The 2008 Illinois State Fair Champion Boar we raised.

First Place York Gilt
2010 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Big Dreams. Thanks to Mark Boe & Doug Lovgren
for purchasing her for $1000.00

Second Place York Gilt
2010 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Big Dreams. Sold for $2000

Division Champion
2010 Forth Worth Stock Show

Congratulations to Grace Rempe!

Division Reserve Champion
2010 Fort Worth Stock Show

1st in Class at 2010 Southwest Type Conference
Sold for $1,800.00

2009 Illinois State Fair
We would like to thank Ron Brown & Hillcrest Farm for purchasing the 2009 Champion Spot Boar for $3,400.00. This was the best breeding boar out this summer. He is a line bred (Maui 1-2 X Maui 1-2) product and was the heaviest-boned, deepest-ribbed, bold-shouldered — a lot of structure and sound body. Call Ron Brown for semen: 815-443-2459
Maui sired the following winners:
2008 Hog College Boar • 2008 Champion Gilt Illinois State Fair
2009 Champion Boar Illinois State Fair
2009 Reserve Champion Spot Gilt, Illinois State Fair
2009 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Maui 1-2.
Thanks to Kevin Yate for purchasing this
gilt at the 2009 Illinois State Fair.

2009 Illinois State Fair

Thanks to McGrew Showpigs for their $1,300.00 purchase.

2009 Illinois State Fair

Sired by Monster Mash and sold for $950.

2009 Illinois State Fair

This boar was also the Reserve Junior Champion Boar.
Thanks to Craig Ammon for his $900.00 purchase
of this Monster Mash offspring.
Monster Mash also sired the 2009 Open Barrow Show
Champion Hamp and Reserve Champion Overall.

Extravaganza Success!
Reserve Champion Light Crossbred Boar
Raised & Shown by Behrmann Hog Farm, Ill.
Thanks to Mark Amman, Highland, Ill., for his $1,000 purchase.
Hi Point Genetics of Chrisman, Il purchased this guy's littermate.

2009 Grand Champion Duroc Gilt
Congratulations to Grace Rippe having the
2008 Grand Champion Duroc Gilt at the Fort Worth, TX show.
 She was sired by Spice

2008 Williamson Reserve Champion
Sired by Maui 1-2

Champion Spot Gilt 2008 Illinois State Fair
Thanks to Greg Norman for purchasing this gilt for
$1500 at the Illinois State Fair. Sired by the great Maui 1-2.
This sire has produced numerous champions all
over the country in the last three years.



(Smoke Show x (Cowbell x Fat Steer))

This guy is standing at our farm. Brenen Diesen found this guy at Lance Ryan's as a prospect pig. Freak Show has developed into something great. He is huge footed and sound as a cat. His angles are so good for a cross boar they are perfect. He takes a big first step and can wheel all day His soft muscled first pigs are hitting the ground now! Semen is for sale. Stress Statues : Negative
Scott Behrmann 618-616-4253
Brenen Diesen 618-409-2365



(Out of Control X Capone)

This is an Out of Control son we purchased from the Flashpohler online sale. This boar turned out great! When I called George he told me In Control was out of his best sow. He's going to be a heavy boned boar and that he is. He is really massive in his forearm, tall fronted, and soft through his middle. Study his design, levelness of top and with lots of shape. First pigs are hitting the ground and look massive. Out of Control sired three out of the top ten Yorkshire gilts at 2014 WPX. Out of Control passed away so here is your chance to get some semen out of his son. Call Scott Behrmann for semen 618-616-4253

Semen is available $100.00 a dose.



(Get In x Tadpole)

Purchased at 2013 summer Conference from Derek Moore for $1800.00 along with Jarrett mays- Drew and Crystal Jervis- and what a buy this was this guy developed into one massive heavy boned boar. Look at the picture study his levelness of top huge forearm toe spread wide open he is has sound as a cat the hip structure is so correct in this boar. There is not a hole in him form a score from one to ten he's a ten. There were two boars I liked at the show-- the champion and this one. I thought they had the most breeding optional a the show and he is the steal of the show his pigs are unreal there are pigs going to the point shows out of him so be ready .

Semen is available $100.00 a dose.


CR7 Dynamite 452-1 XCR4 Samson X WLHP7 Roscoe X BB5 Hotwire 2-2

Next Generation hit the home run
this year at the Illinois State Fair
1) Sired 2013 Champion Jr Barrow
2) Sired 2013 Res Champion Jr Barrow
3) Sired 2013 Champion Open barrow
4) Sired Champion Gilt Wisconsin State Fair
5) Sired 2013 NBS Hog College Gilt

This Landrace boar is the best one we have ever put together! Study the amount of body mass, bone width and his huge hip -- I haven't seen that in a Landrace boar in a long time.

Sires winnings don't miss out semen is for sale
2012 Ohio State Fair JR Show
2013 NBS Hog College Gilt
2013 Champion Illinois JR Barrow Show
2013 Res Champion Illinois JR Barrow Show
2013 Champion Barrow In Open Show

Semen Is Available. Contact us for details!



(Buffalo x The Grizz )

We purchased this Yorkshire boar from Bryan Smith in his September 2012 online sale. He is easily the best Yorkshire boar that has surfaced in a long time.

The one thing he has that no other Yorkshire boar has to offer is muscle. You see all these other Yorkshire boars they have the bone and structure but they're loose-skinned and flat-ribbed. When the breeders have seen "Real Deal " they say'"WOW WOW" this boar is loaded with muscle and it's soft muscle.

He has a huge center rib with huge bone work. He just floats in the pen. You turn the light on and he's up that is what we need more of in the hogs today. He is all natural. Never before in the 40 years I've been raising Yorkshires have I seen one like him that is why we named him "THE REAL DEAL." Bill Range quoted that name fits him perfect.

He is being offered in the THE STUD GUIDE MAGAZINE