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March 30 Ricker Showpigs
January and early February Yorkshire
and cross barows and gilts
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With over 140 show pig sows in production,
we have the numbers and quality to meet your needs!

Our slideshow below represent a few of our highlights from previous wins.
Scroll below to view more photos of our winning customers!

2011 PA Farm Show Grand Champion
1 2 3 4

Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2010 World Pork Expo Junior National
Shown by Skylar Knapp, Ind.

Champion Barrow
2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show
Shown by Colby Bomgardner

Champion Market Gilt
2011 Collin Co. TX

Class-winning Yorkshire Gilt
2010 NJSS
Shown by Kaley Bontrager, Ind.

Class-winning Yorkshire Gilt
2010 NJSS
Shown by Abby Taylor, Ind.

2nd-in-class Yorkshire Gilt, 2010 WPX
2nd-in-class Yorkshire Gilt, 2010 NJSS

Shown by Scott Gardner, Pa.

Grand Champion Gilt, 2010 Putnam Co.
Shown by Makenna Ricker

Champion Hampshire, 2010 Allen Co.
Champion Carcass

Champion Yorkshire Gilt
2010 ICPA Show Circuit
Shown by Jenny Stade, Ill.


Champion Yorkshire Gilt, 2010 WPX Junior Show
(Skylar Knapp)

Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt 2010 NJSS
(Abby Taylor)

Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt2010 NJSS
( Kaley Bontrager)

Second In Class At WPX And NJSS
(Scott Gardner)

Top Points Gilt Ill. Show Circuit
(Jenny Stade)

Top Points Yorkshire Barrow 2010 IN Show Circuit
( Castor Family)

American Royal- Class Winning Yorkshire Gilt
( Skylar Knapp)

County Fair Champions In Oh, IN, MI, PA, NY And TX.

2011 So Far

Champion Barrow PA Farm Show
( Colby Bomgardner)

Champion Market Gilt Collin Co. TX

Reserve Grand Caldwell Co. TX
( Sarah Townsend)

Reserve Overall 1,000 Head Jackpot Show, Georgia

Class Winning Gilt 2011 South East Regional, Perry Georgia
( Tylar Park)

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