The sires used for 2017:
All sires used from Shipley Swine Genetics, and New this year we have added some purebred Berkshires using Conover Genetics from Iowa.

Exotic boars used: Ringleader, Chief, Omaha, Evenflow, The Rock, Midnight Rider.
Yorkshire boars used: Hammertime, Buzz Saw
Berkshire boars used: V.I.P, Creature

Litter #1 Yorkshire sow (Not Even Close) x Evenflow born 1/25
This is a first litter sow with tons of potential. These pigs are extremely correct and square made and really starting to put muscle on as they grow.

Litter #2 Yorkshire sow (Kentucky Swampwater)x Evenflow born 1/25
Another first litter sow with a litter that really catches your eye. Extremely square made, wide based and heavy muscled.

Litter#3 Crossbred sow (Arctic Invasion)x Hammertime born 1/28
This is a litter we were looking forward to and we are very excited. These pigs have a showring look and will be competitive at any show.

Litter #4 Yorkshire sow(Doc Logan)x Chief born 1/29
These pigs are heavy boned, wide based, level made and the muscle shape is eye catching.

Litter#5 Crossbred sow (Park Avenue) x Buzz Saw born 1/30
This sow produced one of our best litters last year with champions and class winners. This Buzz Saw litter is very impressive and it's a must see litter.

Litter#6 Yorkshire sow (Grizz) x The Rock born 1/30
This is an older sow with an impressive resume of winners over the past few years. This litter appears to be one of her best yet. They are super correct and level made and The Rock will definitely put on the muscle.

Litter#7 Crossbred sow (Arctic Invasion) x Evenflow born 2/1
A colorful litter which will definitely turn heads on show day. We are really happy with the early looks of the Evenflow pigs.

Litter #8 Berkshire sow (Left Shark) x V.I.P born 2/1
This is our first litter of Berkshires, and we are excited about their potential. They are bigger framed and sound off both ends.

Litter#9 Crossbred sow (Dirty Deeds) x Omaha born 2/3
These Omaha pigs are very wide made deep chested and thick from end to end.

Litter #10 Yorkshire sow(Not Even Close) x Midnight Rider born 2/6
Midnight Rider pigs were very successful for us last year, and this litter will not disappoint. Level made, sound, with big shoulder blades.

Litter #11 Yorkshire sow(Dirt Road) x Ringleader born 2/8
This is another sow that is so consistent in producing winners and this Ringleader litter looks to be her strongest yet.

Litter #12 Yorkshire sow (Grizz) x Midnight Rider born 2/9
This is the litter so far that has caught my eye every time I walk by them in the farrowing house. They are everything you could want in a show pig. A must see litter.

Litter #13 Yorkshire sow ( Dirt Road) x The Rock born 2/11
Another very sound litter that is square made stout featured.

Litter #14 Yorkshire sow ( Dirt Road) x The Rock born 2/13
This is a littermate to the mother of the 13 litter and we bred her the same way. We are very high on The Rock and think he will work perfectly on these sows.

Litter #15 Yorkshire sow (Doc 100k) x Evenflow born 2/13
We can't say enough about the Evenflow pigs, and this is another litter that has endless potential.

Litter#16 Crossbred sow( Dirty Deeds) x Hammertime born 2/13
Using such a strong Yorkshire boar like Hammertime on this blue cross sow is extremely positive. These pigs will compete at any state, or county fair in the country.

Litter #17 Yorkshire sow ( Bear) x Ringleader born 2/18
This litter was just born in the last few days but we are very confident in this mating. Ringleader pigs are very complete and will be winning a lot this summer.

Litter # 18 Yorkshire sow ( Not Even Close) x Omaha born 2/19
This is a first litter sow that we are excited about being bred to Omaha. The Not Even Close sows are great generators.

Litter # 19 Crossbred sow ( Fortune 500) x Chief due 2/28
This should be a great litter of late February pigs. If you have a middle to late August fair this will be the pigs for you.

Litter # 20 Berkshire sow (Double Barrel) x Creature due 3/16
This is a bred gilt purchased from Brice Conover. We feel this is the litter that will be the base for our Berkshire herd. Very excited to see this litter.

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