The sires used for 2015:
All boars used are from Shipley Swine Genetics.
Exotic boars: Eskimo Joe, Sugar Shaker, Draft Horse, Arctic Invasion, Dirty Deeds, Boned Up. Hampshire boar: Hodor.

Litter 1
Yorkshire sow (Doc Logan) x Eskimo Joe born 1/16/15

Litter 2 Yorkshire sow(Dirt Road) x Sugar Shaker born 1/17/15

Litter 3 Yorkshire sow (Bear) x Eskimo Joe born 1/18/15

Litter 4 Bluebutt cross sow(Park Avenue) x Draft Horse born 1/19/15

Litter 5 Yorkshire sow (Bear) x Arctic Invasion born 1/20/15

Litter 6 Yorkshire sow (Buffalo) x Dirty Deeds born 1/23/15

Litter 7 Yorkshire sow (Oak) x Dirty Deeds born 1/24/15

Litter 8 Yorkshire sow (Perfect Storm) x Arctic Invasion born 1/25/15

Litter 9 Black Cross sow (Mob Boss) x Sugar Shaker born 1/27/15

Litter 10 Yorkshire sow (Doc 100k) x Eskimo Joe born 2/5/15

Litter 11 Bluebutt cross sow (Eskimo Joe) x Boned Up born 2/5/15

Litter 12 Yorkshire sow (Doc 100k )x Arctic Invasion born 2/8/15

Litter 13 Yorkshire sow (Grizz) x Sugar Shaker born 2/10/15

Litter 14 Bluebutt cross sow (Pitbull) x Boned Up born 2/12/15

Litter 15 Bluebutt cross sow (Monster) x Boned Up born 2/12/15

Litter 16 Black cross sow (Super Monster) x Sugar Shaker born 2/13/15

Litter 17 Bluebutt cross sow (Dirty Deeds) x Hodor born 2/13/15

Litter 18 Yorkshire sow (Grizz )x Eskimo Joe born 2/18/15

Litter 19 Yorkshire sow (Grizz)x Boned Upborn 2/22/15

Litter 20 Yorkshire sow (Dirt Road) x Eskimo Joe born 2/24/15

Litter 21 Yorkshire sow (Bear) x Boned Up due 3/3/15

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